Sunday, March 27, 2011


Regrets. We all have them, eh? Some deal with money, others with love, others with family. I must say that I have my fair share of regrets, mostly with people I have dated. But some of the biggest mistakes I have made in my life, which I thought as a regret, have become more of a blessing in disguise.

I moved to Austin almost eight years ago. I was 22. I didn't move here because I found a job or because it was my hometown - I moved here because my boyfriend at the time asked me to move in with him in Austin where he found a job. I did. My relationship with him was toxic, emotionally abusing, bipolar, miserable. I wish I could say "oh yea, but we had some good times too!", but no....that wasn't the case. He kicked me out three times during our relationship - two of these times I had to move back to my hometown four hours away because I didn't know anybody. I had finally found a job and so when he kicked me out the third time, I found my own place in this shitty apartment complex in East Austin where I could rent a 500 sqft apartment for $400 a month.

At first, I regretted ever moving to Austin for a fucking douchebag. But I stayed and I eventually found a good job and good friends. And this semester I will be living out a dream - graduating with my masters in Civil Engineering at the motherfucking University of Texas.

There are many regrets, still, that I do have. Like slicing the shit out of my arm, almost getting married, and not going out more often when I was younger. Guess peppering in a few regrets in life puts the lessons learned and good choices in perspective.

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