Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Getting Back On The Fitness Bandwagon

So, my fat ass will finally be hitting the gym!! I had some issues with my feet in the past few months - turned out I have bunions - which made my impact workouts pretty painful. Plus add to that school and work, which left me with practically no time to hit the gym. However, I'm back in town and I will be getting some old lady bunion insoles tomorrow, so yay for me! I've been wanting to start jogging again so here I go with the conditioning. I prefer jogging with nature, but there are days when a treadmill must do.

But forget about that! I found a wonderful playlist website to pump you up for whatever type of workout you want to do.

In The Gym.Net (http://www.inthegym.net/) - I'm sure this has been around for a long time, but I just discovered it so it is news to me. What I dig about this site is that you can listen to the playlist before hunting down the songs on the playlist. The widget is from Grooveshark (which I have been using for a while now), so you can listen free. The website includes all types of playlists, from metal to hip-hop. I've gotten a few songs to compile my own playlist - I feel so hip!

Enjoy :-)

Image source: markstivers.com

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