Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let me clear my throat.

Can I just say how much it really, REALLY pisses me off that people are getting 8 grand for free for buying a house? Fucking housing stimulus shit. I thought I got a pretty good deal for getting my house last year, AS IN 2008 - got me a nice tax credit, $7500 interest free loan that I can pay back in 15 years, yeah life aint that bad. Then the fucking shit hits the goddamn fan - anyone buying a house in 2009 GETS 8 GRAND FOR FUCKING FREE. Are you shitting me? Are you fucking shitting me? Why do these asshats get a free check and I'm the idiot having to pay back $7500 bucks because I missed the mark by 2 months? Am I the only one that feels jipped? I have to fucking constantly hear it OVER AND OVER for the next 7-8 months - "Oh lookey I bought a house and I got 8 grand for free!!" and I get the fucking urge to stab the person in the eye. I feel jipped. I am pissed. I don't want to hear about your fucking free money you asshole - unless you want to get an earload from me.



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