Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dusting off the 'ol camera eye

Oh Jason, you minx!

My good friend Jason showed me his blog today - such a smart and extremely talented cat. And he is an amazing photographer too. AMAZING. Check out his stuff here.

Looking at Jason's photographs made me yearn for the days of old when I was trying my eyes out at photography. I didn't make it too far - I had a cheap ass Fuji camera, took my ass to Goliad and Pettus and took nice pictures of abandoned buildings and old school churches/missions. So I started digging around for those pictures and Jesus on a cracker THAT WAS IN AUGUST OF '06. Wow. It's been THAT long? I'm posting up on here some of my favorites that I took (and framed) during that wonderfully hot summer day:

Anyhoot, I really miss doing this. And I keep saying that there are beautiful places I keep running into that I want to photograph, and I think now is a good time to get back into it. Hopefully my lazy behind will get in gear and I will show all two of you what I have been up to :-)

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Anonymous said...

Good grief, it's been that long? They're all great photos, but the first one is definitely my favorite.