Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Summer of Tool??

Oh man, I was just talking to my friend Matt about my obsession, psycho obsession with one of my favorite bands of all time TOOL. My metalhead boyfriend in high school introduced me to Tool when I was a wee teenager, and holy hell my life changed. In college, I became one of those obsessed fans, engulfed to the point where I got depressed and couldnt listen to their music after seeing them live. I saw them 4x during the Lateralus tour (passed out in the pit in one of those shows) and I even got to meet Danny (the drummer) backstage at the Eugene show. See, security got mad because I tried to take a picture of Maynard and Adam when they were leaving the venue, they tried to take my camera away and was led to the security office, which HAPPENED TO BE BACKSTAGE. Good times. It was such a great, yet sad time in my life.

Fast forward to today - I decided to take a tour down their website only to see THIS:

Ok, I wasn't able to see my boys (Adam, especially) during the 10,ooo Days tour because the first show was postponed, and the two other times they came into town I was traveling for work (dammit!). Well, it looks like they MAY be touring again. And holy hell, the little metalhead raving psycho fan in me just pissed in her shorts.

Will keep all two of you updated with any news. Adam, baby, mommy is coming to see you play!

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