Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Directv can kiss my fat ass!

Note: Directv will screw you OVER.

If you happen to become a brand new customer (like me!) and you get your # of receivers, just know that if you want to upgrade and or add one more, you will have to shell out the money to BUY ONE. BUY ONE. Yeah, the cash you dropped when you first got the account to "buy" the first receiver is actually the LEASE COST of the receiver for the duration of the contract.

I just bought a new HD TV and wanted to upgrade my standard receiver to an HD receiver - only to find out that I would have to RETURN the standard one (the one I "paid" for, mind you) and go out and buy the one I want at Best Buy for like 200 FUCKING DOLLARS. It makes no sense, right? And it wasn't like I was going to be reimbursed for the amount of time that I will no longer be "leasing" the standard receiver - that money is GONE.

Oh, and don't fall for buying some receivers on Craigslist - we tried that. Only to find out that the receivers were still "activated" on the previous account, and the only way that they can be deactivated is if the previous owner did so AND returned the receiver to Directv. Oh, and just incase you do happen to stumble upon a deactivated receiver, you would need to buy a new account card from them.

Sigh....and I thought TimeWarner was bad.

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