Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stupid Shit on Craigslist

Let me begin by saying that I have bought/sold stuff on Craigslist and it really is a great place to "shop" for used shit you need. However, every so often, I come across a posting where I ask myself "Who the HELL would buy something like that?!?!" Here, in all its glory, is one such item:

Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath

I've never seen The Nightmare Before Christmas, but its on my Blockbuster queue, so I will eventually. The movie looks pretty cool, but I am not judging the movie - my question is are there people out there that would pay TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS for a wreath? I'm hoping its a typo and the seller meant $20, I'm hoping. What could I do with $200? Let's see....
  1. Buy ~200 double cheeseburgers
  2. Buy a used washer or dryer on Craigslist
  3. Get that garage door opener I've been wanting
  4. Finally buy a digital camera to replace the one I lost
  5. Replace the tile in my kitchen

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