Wednesday, November 7, 2007

And this is why you are alone. And jerking off to your mom's picture.

Meet Dick. Dick is not only his name but a personification of his name as well. Dick is a dick. Dick went on Dr. Phil.

Now, I have mixed emotions about Dr. Phil, but when I was at my most miserable - unemployed, living with an asshole of a boyfriend, confined to being a proper christian woman to a man who fell for me when we were fuck buddies - Dr. Phil was my sanctuary. This was the era when my routine consisted of wake up, watch Law and Order reruns, make lunch for cunt, nap, watch Dr. Phil, watch Oprah, watch Rich Girls (how I miss that show), make dinner for cunt and then go back to my cage.

Back to Dick - here is a small clip of his appearance on Dr. Phil. So naturally I checked out his website,, choice of name probably picked by a five year old.

WOW. First off, no women are allowed on his site - bullshit because I swam through and last I checked I have a cat. Secondly, this shit is too funny. Some of his entries include "Why Women Hate Sex", "No Fat Chicks", and the classic "Top Ten Reasons Men Are Better Than Women".
Apparently, Dick has never met me or he'd never write the first article, he probably got cheated on by a "fat chick", and all women are racist, tourette-stricken whores.

I like Dick. At least he speaks his mind. But tonight, while home alone, jerking off to his mother's picture, I'm sure he will come up with brand new material for his sorry ass site. Maybe we can hook him up with Ann Coulter - oh joy! Good luck Dick!!!

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