Sunday, November 22, 2009

I found some interesting shit while I was away....

I'm not young and hip like the kids these days, so I am a little slow to finding some funny shit on the internet. But I did manage to become a loyal visitor to three sites since I've been gone. Now courtesy before these fine gems:

Holy shit, how long has this been around? The concept of this site sounds kinda stupid - you have a picture of daddy and baby doing baby and daddy things, only you photoshop and switch the heads so that baby has daddys body and vice versa. And you think to yourself "So?" Um....yeah this is some funny shit. It had me and Jason crying at the office - that crying when you laugh so hard, not as in I kicked Jason in the gut crying. It's kinda creepy but the funny overshadows the creepy so you'll be okay.

2. People of Walmart

This is pretty freaking hilarious. All I have to say is that I make sure to carry a camera with me on my excursions to the local Walmart. You never know what treasures lie.

3. Totally Looks Like....
This blog is a child to the ICanHazCheeseburgers site, but I just found it a few weeks ago. Ever wonder "Huh.....Sam Cassell totally looks like E.T.?!?!"? Yeah, odds are you'd probably find some comparison here.


Anonymous said...

I love these ManBabies. I'm still laughing!

Anonymous said...

Don't stop posting such articles. I like to read articles like that. By the way add some pics :)