Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Dreaded February 17 Switch has now become the Dreaded June 12 Switch

I was kinda getting a kick out of all these people freaking out about the analog to digital conversion next month. About a week ago, one of the dudes from MyFoxAustin (the poor Austin man's version of the Today Show) was interviewing this cat about the switcharoo, and he flat out asked him who is making money off this shit. Conspiracy theory time - I know! It's Samsung, because this whole digital hoopla helped me buy a new TV and I picked this really awesome Samsung TV where you can get live feeds via a USB wireless router thing, and the damn thing is on backorder nationally.

Anyway before I get off topic yet again, the switcheraoo has been delayed to JUNE 12. Great. Now I have to hear about this whole converter bullshit for another four months. Just do it already! My TVs need HD!!

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