Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sarah Palin is the Antichrist - Part 2

Nowadays, with bloggers and wannabes like me, it is EXTREMELY difficult to say something and not have one single person catch it and post it online. You can find almost anything online - notes and pictures found in random places, how to be spanked properly, how to make cocaine - and you can most certainly backtrack shit people have said to the media and/or in front of millions. Like Sarah Palin. Like when she lied. About a lot of stuff.

Like here.

The Twelve Lies of Sarah Palin:

1. The Bridge to Nowhere.
2. Firing her town librarian and the police chief of her town.
3. Getting her ex-bro in law fired.
4. Climate Change.
5. Alaska and her contribution to our nation's oil and gas production.
6. Asking her daughters for permission to run for VP.
7. Constructing a natural gas pipeline from Alaska.
8. Obama.
9. How she loves the Gays.
10. Using a teleprompter.
11. Her pay-cut.
12. The polar bears.

Wake up.

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