Friday, September 12, 2008

Sarah Palin is the Antichrist - Part 1

Seen this picture before?

Apparently, there are a lot of stupid people, stupid WOMEN even, associating Sarah motherfuckin' Palin with Rosie the Riveter. Yes, that feminist and empowering icon for women everywhere is now being splashed around with Palin's face on poor Rosie. What the fuck has this world come to?

First of all, Rosie the Riveter - during the second world war, she represented the six million women that ditched the kitchen and went to work in factories to produce a bunch of shit for our military men. This icon secreted feminism, secreted the power that women can have in this country, that we can be equal, that yes - WE CAN DO IT.

Second of all, to compare Palin with Rosie is a fucking slap in the face to women that were "Real Rosies" during WWII. How fucking blind do women have to be that they can't see that this woman has absolutely NO REGARD for women's rights? Oh, she may be the first woman VP, so yes, let's back her up? Um, hello does anyone remember Hilary Clinton? Are you fucking kidding me?

So why do I believe that Palin is the AntiRosie? For one thing, she is utterly 10000% PRO-LIFE. Meaning, she and McCain will appoint Justicies that THEY KNOW will overturn Roe V. Wade. Meaning, women in this country will no longer have a choice over their uterus. Women will no longer have a right to get an abortion, for whatever reason. Now, I am NOT Pro-Life, and I do not condone abortions, but I do believe in a WOMEN'S RIGHT to CHOOSE. I've never had an abortion and I will never judge someone who has had it, nor will I make the choice for the next gal to NEVER GET ONE LEGALLY.

Why else? Well, let me ask you this - as a woman, would you be sensitive to the needs of another woman who has just gotten raped? What if a friend of yours has just been raped, and you take her to the hospital, only to ask her to reimburse you for the cabfare? What kind of friend would you be? I can tell you what kind of person you would be - you'd be like Palin. Why? Well, as govenor, Palin approved to cut spending by letting, nay, making it law that rape victims pay for their own rape kit. Yeah, not shitting you.

"Palin, as mayor, fired police chief Irl Stambaugh and replaced him with Charlie Fannon, who with Palin's knowledge, slashed the budget for the exams and began charging the city's victims of sexual assault. The city budget documents demonstrate Palin read and signed off on the new budget."

I feel for the poor teenagers that got raped by idiots that were not only traumatized by the event, now humiliated by having to pay for their own goddamn rape exam. Real way to be there for a woman you bitch.

And last, but not least - God help you if you are a poor unwed teenage mother in Alaska, because honey - your governor aint gonna help you for shit. Oh, she will defend your FETUS till her dying day, but once that baby is born, you are BOTH on your fucking own. Good luck. While in office, not only did Palin approve budget cuts allowing rape victims to pay for their own rape exam, she also cut her budget by cutting funding for programs helping young mothers and their babies.

So, I feel for you, women of Alaska. Because if there is one thing you don't want to be in Alaska is a raped poor woman, or a young unwed pregnant teen - oh, unless you're Sarah Palin's daughter. Then you're all good.


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