Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shopping of the Day

This is the time where I browse around looking for shit I don't need but that I want others to buy me.
Cell Charm Cleaners
Look dammit - I know I don't live in Tokyo nor am I 12 years old, but I would love to have this. Anyone who smothers makeup in the morning or doesnt shower knows that makeup and ear gunk end up on your phone and it looks icky. Then again the upside to that is no one asks to borrow my phone :-)
But these are cute and functional - and not too expensive either!

I'd Like To Do This With You Notepad

Now this is kinda cool - from spooning, to getting drunk to reading poetry to making babies - when you just can't say it :-) Now I FINALLY have a way to tell my boyfreiends that I like it up the....

Panda Mug!
Too freakin cool for words!

The Republican Dream Mug

For my mom who will vote for Clinton because she is a woman, refuses to vote for Obama because he is a man, but will vote for McCain if Clinton loses. Uh - what?

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