Friday, November 2, 2007

Frank Warren - PostSecret

Last night, I went to see Frank Warren speak at Union Building at UT here in Austin. It was pretty amazing, given that I was not expecting to go - or that I didn't know he was going to be here.

Last July, my friends Shea and Sara got me his first book for my birthday and I got hooked. A few weeks ago, he released his new book, which I got to buy there at the talk/book signing. I sorta knew the history of Postsecret, but having the guy there talk about it was surreal. Here is this guy, mid-40's, "normal" looking, a dad, a husband, and he has read the innermost and heartbreaking/hopeful/sexual/disturbing secrets of THOUSANDS of people that he has never met. I love his project, and I know that his work, which wouldn't be successful without all those folks that have submitted their secrets, has helped MANY MANY MANY people come to terms with the skeletons in their closets - I am one of them.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and check out his website (first link on the left navigation bar) and buy his books - you will not regret it.

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